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Made With Love Accessories

From the comfort of my home studio located in the UK, I take great pleasure in designing unique jewellery creations that will tickle your fancy and add an air of sophistication to complete your look. With a keen eye for style and color, my designer jewellery line is unique and matchless.


"Make your day everything you've ever dreamed of"

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Robert James Jewellers

Specialists in bespoke wedding rings, handmade jewellery, remodelling and repairs. Robert is a fully qualified goldsmith with a workshop built within the premises. This bespoke service allows you to have full control from the initial design to the finished product!

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Stargem Bridal

We make exclusive, absolutely fabulous, handmade bridal hair accessories and jewellery. All our designs are unique, individual and customisable. Made especially for you so no one else will have the same! With us, our bride has the right to look the fairytale princess she always wanted to be!

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